Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February book read

February book done and dusted.
It was a quick and easy read and differed a little from the film. Being a fan of romance (and Ewan), I actually prefer the film...
Also I was a little naughty and cast on a puerperium baby cardy in some delicious zealana yarn. It knits up so fast so I'll be back to the sensible knit list shortly. Gave my friends two angora baby hats, alpaca booties and that nappy soaker yesterday but still I feel the need to knit more cute things for the two little girls.
Baby knitting has the attraction  of near instant gratification and adorable models to show off your work. It makes clothing affordable too. This cardy is costing under $12 to make. What baby stores can you buy quality nz merino knitwear in for that price?!

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