Monday, June 27, 2011

What to pack for a tropical island getaway

I'm sitting writing this wrapped in a polar fleece blanket, a couple of merino layers and a cosy peruvian hat complete with ear flaps. Winter finally hit Wellington today and it's freezing!!! Hopefully the southerly blast has also blown that pesky ash cloud far far away because straight after work tomorrow I'm flying up north to spend a couple of days before flying off to sunny, tropical Samoa.

I may trudge around all day in shoes that can talk the holes in them are getting so big, can't fork out for the $60 primer I deemed a necessity at age 18 or for a new winter coat though mine needs replacing, but there is always money for three things - wine, yarn and most especially HOLIDAYS!

The budget is 10 days for $1500 tops. Flights set me back around $500 so I have a grand to play with for accommodation, diving, beer and anything else.

The cheapest fare was carry on luggage only which shouldn't be a problem. As long as the snorkel gear fits in the bag and it all weighs under 7kg I'm away smiling. The whole tropical island thing makes it much easier to pack light. And after lugging around a pack crammed with way too many things last year (although that was 5 months from muggy Amazon to frosty Patagonia) I've definately learnt that less is more! Trying to fit all the goodies I picked up along the way (2kg of yerba mate *cough*) flying home from Buenos Aires was an absolute nightmare as you can see...

 So, because I love packing lists (and love showing up to the airport WITH my passport and wallet), here's my 10 days in Samoa list:
  • travel insurance policy
  • passport
  • money/eftpos/coin purse or wallet
  • camera/batteries/battery charger/SD card
  • backpack to put it all in
  • mask and fins and DIVE LOG BOOK/PADI certification
  • togs x2
  • quick dry towel
  • 2x bra, 4x undies, 3x singlets or t-shirts, 2x skirts, 1x dress, summer pjs
  • 1x leggings, 1x cardy, 1x socks, 1x scarf (mainly for the plane - Pacific Blue cranks the air con!)
  • head lamp (for night time toilet excursions - the fales won't have walls let alone ensuites)
  • empty water bottle and purification tablets (saves buying lots of water)
  • kathmandu laundry detergent which doubles as my shampoo and body wash
  • pawpaw balm (best thing to put on mozzie bites, as lip gloss, burn cream....)
  • 2-in-1 mozzie repellent/sunscreen with lots and lots of DEET
  • sunnies
  • jandals (all weather, all terrain footwear)
  • toothbrush/paste
  • padlock and chain for bag
  • book
  • knitting (bought cotton especially for a project so I can knit in the tropical heat!)
  • booking confirmations for first few nights printed out, wing the rest on arrival.
  • samoan homework so I can practice all the vocab while lying on the beach with a large bottle of vailima!
That actually sounds a lot written down, but I'll be wearing half of it onto the plane. Right better double check it's all in the bag.

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